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Compakt-Programm New Work: Innovative Workplace Management in Practice with Alexander Redlein

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Summer School 2021: Digitalisation in teaching! Tips and tricks from the practice from 20th to 23th of September 2021!

14th International Facility Management Congress 2021 brings a hybrid event! We are looking forward to all the experts talking about the most interesting trends in RE/FM!

TU Wien and Stanford University: The Austrian Real Estate Challenge 2021 is looking for candidates – Submit your application until 6th of August 2021!

Compact program: New Work: new workplace in practice with ao.Univ-Prof. Alexander Redlein

iversity course: Introduction to Facility Management – The Enabler of Change with ao.Univ-Prof. Alexander Redlein

IFM - Real Estate and Facility Management (TU Vienna)

Digitalisation and digital transformation are the key words of today. Digitalisation impacts real estate and facility management in two main areas: 

  1. Due to changes of the core business (new ways of working) the demand for infrastructure and services changes.
  2. Digitalisation also has a big impact on the facility service (FS) provision: the application of new technologies, for example, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) allow control over the complexity of FM processes and services in a more effective way.

To cover these topics in our research agenda, we concentrate on

  • Workplace management
  • Digital transformation of real estate and facility management

Embeded in the Center of Competence FM (CC:FM) is the Academic Competence Center SAP and REUG.



The SAP Academic Competence Center (ACC) supports high schools, colleges and universities in the educational and research in the fields of ERP / SAP. It also provides a platform for coorporations, knowledge exchange and research projects.

The Competence Center: Facility Management and REUG (Real Estate User Group) forms the link between the real estate and facility management practitioners and researchers, to address issues and problems and provide scientifically valid solutions. The REUG also provides internationally courses and certificates.


Digital Transformation, Process- and Riskmanagement, Workplace Management

The topics digital transformation of real estate and facility management, process and risk management and internal control systems, work place strategy and design are the main research areas of the IFM. The team of the IFM provides scientifically proved know-how and applicable solutions that can be used in practice and teaching.