Immobilien und Facility Management
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Research Topics

  1. Value Added by FM 
  2. Status Quo and International Trends within FM – what the demand sides asks for what the supply side delivers
  3. FM in Europe – the demand side and its macro-economic importance
  4. Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Controll System (ICS) 
  5. CSR and Sustainability
  6. Change Management, Processes and ICT Support within FM 
  7. New Ways of Working and Workplace Management – not only to enable but to empower the human being
  8. Integrated Facility Services – Optimisation of the Service Provision
  9. Service Provision of the Future – IoT and its new possibilities
  10. Municipal FM – Linking the strategy of a municipality with the zoning but also the organization structure to enable smart cities 
  11. Outsourcing