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FM in Europe

Facility Management in Europe

FM has been developed in the Anglo-Saxon area. The Netherlands was first to deal with FM in Continental Europe. In the 90´s, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland FM was mainly associated with outsourcing. The situation however changed itself substantially.

According to the studies of the IFM of Vienna’s University of Technology approximately ¾ of largest enterprises in Europe have meanwhile established an internal FM department, responsible for all interests concerning FM within the company. In all analyzed countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey)  it shows up that FM gains ever more and more. A clear indication of it is also that most own FM departments are either line function or staff unit. These statements particularly applies to the largest enterprises, in the sector of the SMB´s (Small and Medium Business) these is still pent-up demand.

What’s the score on outsourcing? In-house, FM departments are very small, which means that, their employees main tasks are defining the demand including service-levels, sourcing the services and controlling them. Approximately 80 % of the Facility services in Western European countries are rendered by external service providers. Front runners are cleaning and maintenance, in addition, winter services are also frequently provided by externals.

What’s the situation in Eastern Europe? There, FM gains ever more significance. According to a study of the IFM of Vienna’s University of Technology, still very few enterprises have an in-house FM department but the growth rates are much larger than Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Bulgaria the growth rate is about 27% and thus 2.5 times high than in Austria. Two years ago, outsourcing of the Facility services was almost non existent. This has chanced. Meanwhile nearly half of the facility Services in Eastern Europe are externally adduced.

Beside the surveys of the demand side the IFM analyses the EU statistics to give an overview of the macro-economic importance of Facility Service provision.

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