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Lectures of IFM at TU Vienna

We offer in winter and in summer term courses in the areas of Facility Management, process modeling and ERP systems (SAP). Furthermore, it is possible to attend various courses, bachelor, theses and dissertations in these areas at our institute.

For all courses at IFM following applies: 

Lecturerao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein

Currently online via TUWEL

Gradingin writing, orally or by appointment

all lectures will take place as a block

Winter term 2021/22:

234.038: Introduction to Facility Management, VO, 1.0
Block event
This lecture covers mikro- und makroeconomic impacts, definitions, implementation, Life-cycle and workplace management.
A registration over TISS is NECESSARY to attend this lecture.

330.285: VO Industrial Information Systems
Block event

Students are able to gain an overview of central and cross-divisional IT systems from a technical perspective of a company based on core value processes of industrial production companies, which support the overarching and integrative service creation processes of industrial companies. These systems include, in particular, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and systems that are used in the context of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The students are able to evaluate and select appropriate IT procedures for a given problem or task. They learn how to understand the functioning of the systems and how to use them safely, thus playing a major role in the project, for example, when introducing or expanding industrial information systems.
A registration over TISS is NECESSARY to attend this lecture.

330.286: UE Industrial Information Systems
Block event

This UE focusses on introduction to ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planing) and how to convey selected integrative business procedures by applying SAP. After successful completion of the course, students are able to practice and deepen their skills sufficiently within a group based on what they have learned from the corresponding course. Students can present data structures and software as well as execute and adapt processes in the field of industry.
A registration over TISS is NECESSARY to attend this lecture.



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