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Scientific Staff

GIFFINGER Rudolf | Head of Research Unit

policy and planning-relevant issues of urban and regional development, urban development planning, city competition and competitiveness of cities, smart city strategies

Supervision and implementation of courses on methods of regional analysis and location assessment, introduction to regional science, regional and structural policy, urban competition and marketing, housing and urban development policy, migration and integration, settlement and regional development in Central Europe

Corresponding Member of the ARL, Member of the EAG Central and South-Eastern Europe and Head of the ARL - Working Group 'Competition of Cities: Opportunities and Risks of Cooperation', 3rd Vice-Chairman of the Senate

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portrait Selim Banabak


Quantitative methods of regional analysis, spatial econometrics, regional economic development and inequality, housing market and policy, global value chains, political economy and financialisation; dissertation on Housing Affordability, Rental Markets, Housing Policy Evaluation, Vienna, Spatial Econometrics

contributing to lectures and research projects on methods of regional statistics as well as economics and other social sciences contents

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Formal methods of regional analysis and regional economics (decision theory, simulation, applied statistics), regional statistics, location evaluation, regional development of rural areas, real estate economy and real estate evaluation; research activities in the fields of statistics, real estate and location assessment, supervision and implementation of courses on mathematical and statistical methods and models for spatial planning, real estate, rural areas

Faculty representative for performance evaluation (intellectual capital statement, project database and publication editor)

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Modeling property price development, macroeconomic factors influencing the property market, profitability forecasts for property portfolios

Aim of the projekt is to develop a holistic economic model that uses a set of macroeconomic input parameters to provide the broadest possible predicition function for the profitability of real estate investment.



Computer Aided Decision Support in planning, geographical information systems, evaluation and simulation models, technological change in the telecommunications sector

Supervision and implementation of IT-related courses, development and maintenance of spatial databases, scientific collaboration in the research focus of 3D laser scanning

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Content and organisational support for IT-oriented courses
general support in teaching, research and administration



Economic geography, regional economics, quantitative spatial analysis, regional development and cohesion policy in Europe, innovation in space

Chairman of the curriculum committee for spatial planning

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Geographic information systems, spatial analysis and visualisation of large amounts of data, digital transformation processes, user-generated data, mobility research

supervision and implementation of GIS- and EDP-related courses

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Portrait Yanli Zhang


Sustainable urban and regional development and transformation, sustainable transformation of mining areas, urban and regional planning, quantitative and qualitative methods in human geography, spatial analysis in urban and regional development, application of GIS in urban and regional planning

Courses on spatial development strategies: transformation process for sustainable urban and regional development,
sustainable urban development in theory and practice, planning and development in agglomerations

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Head of the secretary's office of the research area, administrative and procurement matters,
financial management, German and English correspondence



System administration of the IT equipment of the research unit, setup and support of servers and network, procurement of hardware and software, troubleshooting and consulting for IT problems


BEYER Clemens

Structuring and administration of the research units library, general support in teaching and research operations


Project staff

Arno Brugger (PBM_integrativ)

Arthur Kammerhofer (PBM_integrativ)

External PhD Students

BOGADI Antonija

Working title of the dissertation:
How can knowledge matter? Using network perspective for enhancing environmental knowledge utilisation in adaptive governance networks.

urban green infrastructure, governance networks, knowledge management, social network analysis

CZECH Alexander

Working title of the dissertation:
"The Spatial Interrelation of Space and Information"


Working title of the dissertation:
Urban Living Labs as a Smart City approach: How socio-technical innovation transforms urban development

smart cities, socio-technical innovation, urban living labs, urban transition


Working title of the dissertation:
Social Infrastructure systems weaving together urban tissues: Strategical Interventions in unequal urban contexts and vulnerable neighborhoods

Social Infrastructure systems, Strategic Planning, Urban Tissues, Inequality, Neighborhood Vulnerabilities, Territorial Capital, Urban Sustainability

Tutors (Term 2018W and 2019S)

DOGAN Ulas (Scientific Working in Spatial Planning)

ERTL Magdalena (Computer Assisted Data Analysis)

GABRIEL Viktoria (Computer Assisted Data Analysis)

HAIDER Melanie (Computer Assisted Data Analysis, Methods of Regional Analysis)

HELML Katharina (Scientific Working in Spatial Planning)

KAMMERHOFER Arthur (Spatial Analysis with GIS, Methods of Regional Analysis)

LÖSCHENBRAND Hannah (Computer Assisted Data Analysis)

RIHS Theresa (Spatial Analysis with GIS)

SANDNER Jakob (Spatial Analysis with GIS)

SANDNER Verena Alexandra (Scientific Working in Spatial Planning)

TONNDORF Teresa (Spatial Analysis with GIS)

Former Head of Resaerch Unit

em.o.Univ.Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter BÖKEMANN [1971 - 2004]

ao.Univ.Prof.i.R. Proj.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfgang FEILMAYR [2004 - 2006]

Former staff (selection)

Aurelia Kammerhofer, BSc. [2016-2019], DI Dr. Johannes Suitner [2010-2019], Martha Ecker, MSc. [2015 - 2019], Mag. Sara Krauze [2018 - 2019], Hui Lu, MSc. [2015 - 2017], Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Latzer, Bakk.techn. [2013 - 2017], MMag. Dr. Gudrun Haindlmaier [2006 - 2017], DI Dr. Florian Strohmayer [2012 - 2016], DI Kurt Weninger [2012 - 2015], Justin Kadi, MSc. PhD [2010 - 2014], DI Herbert Hemis [2013 - 2014], DI Roman Seidl [2009 - 2012], DI Leopold Riedl [1983 - 2011], Mag. Philipp Reinhart [2009 - 2011], DI Roland Hackl [1996 - 2010], DI Verena Riedl [2009 - 2010], DI Dr. Daniela Müller [2001 - 2009], DI Andreas Hocevar [2001 - 2005], DI Sebastian Reinberg [1997 - 2001], DI Andrea Mann [1997 - 2001], DI Dr. Stefan Kollarits [1992 - 1996], DI Dr. Günther Knötig [1988 - 1992], DI Dr. Josef Steinbach, DI Gerald Wödl, DI Dr. Kurt Puchinger