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World of Matter:

Visual culture of resource politics

Global initiative launches open source image archive on resource ecologies

Informal Market Worlds II
8-9 November 2012
Shanghai Study Centre
University of Hong Kong

Informal Market Worlds I
16-17 February 2012
Center for Urban Ecology
University of California San Diego

Language and Pictures
22-24 November 2012
University of Vienna

Space RE:solutions Conference
IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna

Visual Culture

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In 2001 the Institute of Art and Design at the Vienna University of Technology has initiated a study and research programme in Visual Culture. The Visual Culture Unit aims to critically engage with a multitude of forms and practices of cultural production, negotiation and appropriation alongside their historical, political, social and economic trajectories. Examining the various materialisations of these processes, the scope of our work ranges from interrogating the visual as a situated mode of contemporary cultural production to experimenting with innovative theoretical frameworks and design approaches.


Montag, 2018-05-28

Podiumsdiskussion GLOBAL DEMANDS - Architekturforschung in einer globalisierten Welt

Ob in der Sphäre der Architekturkritik oder am Markt spekulativer Immobilieninvestitionen – Architektur ist immer mehr Gegenstand globaler Zirkulation. Mehr

2017/18 Winterterm's Topic: Building Capital IV

The 2017/18 course programme focuses on 'Building Capital' as part of a global development, in which decision-making about societal cohesion, about building developments and infrastructural projects has become the preserve of financial institutions and consultancies. What are the cultural references, technologies and speculations through which architectue is enrolled in this development? And which kind of culture is emerging in the transformation of the built environment from a container for the production of commodities to a capitalist commodity in itself?


Course subjects range from the development of new postcapitalist spheres of accumulation in architecture to the generation of financial, social and affective capital in urban projects, and from the philosophical dimension of pursuing gains to the question of capital impact in art and media culture.

The central part of this year's program is the interdisciplinary project THE PLATFORM CITY: Disruptive Technologies, Innovation Hubs and the Passion Economy. Project Description



Course programme 2017/18 in detail:


LVA Kunst als ArchitekturkonzeptSTADT-RAUM UND BAU-KAPITAL

LVA Visuelle Kultur der StadtINNOVATION HUBS

LVA Angewandte KulturtheorieTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY

LVA Regime des VisuellenPASSION ECONOMY

Additional courses:

LVA Architekturen des Alltags: STADT-GRENZEN UND BAU-KAPITAL

LVA Neue Modelle von Kultur und KunstproduktionDATA CITIES


Timetable 2017W

Output 2016/17 on the topic BUILDING-CAPITAL II: