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LVA: 264.019 Kunst als Architekturpraxis UE 2.0h

Critical practice that builds upon the mapping of “the conceptual forcing” (the creative moment of thinking differently) implies an awareness of the mechanisms of methodology and the interaction of different planes of practice. What different kinds of engagement and encounters can thus arise from the possibilities and limitations of multi-directional models of curating that situate themselves at the edge of spaces of production? . The hereby emerging new “models of production” call for an expanded notion of what creative practice is or could be. Certainly, this is to realise that one of the potentialities of art – understood as an activity of creatively interacting with the world – lies in exploring the complexities surrounding the “production of subject.” Furthermore, as O’Sullivan points out, critical practice today faces the fundamentally political question of “where are the dissenting/creative subjects of today? And how are they being produced?”

To address potential “models of production” of contemporary artistic practice in relation to these dynamics, the artist Igor Grubi? will run a three days workshop conceived in dialogue with his installation work 366 liberation rituals at Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte. This installation forms part of the project System Error, a series of micro-political actions and interventions performed by the artist on an almost daily basis seeking to disturb or re-articulate the cultural meanings of acts of power. 

To underpin these concerns, the course will provide an introduction by Gülsen Bal, the founding director of Open Space, to the current discursive shifts occurring within contemporary creative practice and future perspectives these new crossovers between art and politics may produce. 

This course will be held in English. Please subscribe to this course via TISS++!

The course schedule: 

Seminars by Gülsen Bal: 

Tue, 9th Nov, 11am - 14pm 
Tue, 16th Nov, 11am - 14pm

Opening of the project System Error at Open Space: Tue, 16th Nov, 19.00 – 21.30 pm

Introduction on the project System Error by Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer 
Wed, 17th Nov, 11am – 14pm at Open Space

Workshop by Igor Grubi?:

Wed, 17th Nov, all day (starting 11am)
Thu, 18th Nov, all day (starting 11am)
Fri, 19th Nov 11am-2pm (presentation and discussion of sudents’ works)

First seminar meeting: 9 November 2010, 11am, Institute of Art and Design, Karlsgasse 11, 1st floor, Seminarraum 2

Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung, Karlsgasse 11, Hochparterre, Seminarraum 2, 1040 Wien/ Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Lassingleithnerplatz 2, 1020 Wien

Blocklehrveranstaltung 9.-19. November 2010

Beginn: 9. Nov. 2010, 11-14 Uhr, Karlsgasse 11, Seminarraum 2





CCTV von Lukas Neumann CCTV - Lukas Neumann (pdf, 1,174 KB)