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9 The Stage of the World

Prof MATIAS VIEGENER (Fallen Fruit, Los Angeles)  
LVA: 258.028 Medien in der Architektur- und Kunstvermittlung VU 2.0h

Ort: Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung, Seminarraum 2, Karlsgasse 11 
Zeit: Block: 19.-24. Jänner 2012 

The Stage of the World

This course examines modalities through which site, place and the public can be engaged through social art practice. It begins through the lens of the work of the Los Angeles based Fallen Fruit collaborative. Their work includes public art projects, participatory projects, social practice, video, installation, collaboration with the public, and curating.  Fallen Fruit will serve as a case study that begins the week’s discussion, not as a model for what individual students ultimately produce. 

Readings will include discussion of relevant philosophical, political and sociological texts, as well as a few art history texts on social practice. (These will be distributed digitally one week in advance).  Possible readings include Plato’s Republic, Moore’s Utopia, Abbot’s Flatland, and Sartre’s La Nausée, as well as art history and theory from Ted Purves, Michel de Certeau and Miwon Kwon. The course will include a broad survey of international contemporary practice in the field of social art or participatory public art. In particular we will examine selected works from the Living as Art exhibition curated by Nato Thomson and produced through Creative Time in New York in 2011. 

The city of Vienna provides the focus for the work of students in the class, who will produce a project at the end of the course. The instructors together with the students will organize a unique tour for the class examining the city as a site. Students will produce final projects either in the field, or at minimum out of the frame of the classroom and the art gallery. 

Course goal: Familiarity with recent contemporary work and debates in the rapidly transforming world of social and participatory art practice, especially as it impacts our understanding of space, place, the public, urban planning, architecture, and social engagement.

Course outcome: each student will produce a project that examines the world around us in a committed manner informed by site-specificity, social art practice and local engagement. 

This course will be held in English. Please enrol on this course via 

Matias Viegener will also be guest critic for the final presentations of the Visual Culture Module on 24 January 2012.

>>> Texts for this course can be found in TISS (LVA 258.028).