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3 Visuelle Kultur der Stadt | LVA: 264.094

lyft billboard, San Francisco, 2018 (photo: Helge Mooshammer)

LVA: 264.094 Visuelle Kultur der Stadt VU 2.0h/2,5ECTS

Beginn: Di, 15. Oktober 2019, 16-20 Uhr
Ort: Seminarraum Argentinierstraße 8, Ergeschoß

Weitere Termine:
Di 29.10.2019, 11-18 Uhr, Sem Argentinierstraße 8: GASTSEMINAR mostlikely sudden workshop
Di 05.11.2019, 11-20 Uhr, Sem Argentinierstraße 8
Di 12.11.2019, 11-15 Uhr, Sem Argentinierstraße 8
Di 26.11.2019, 11-15 Uhr, Seminarraum 202 (Hauptgebäude, 2.OG): GASTSEMINAR Douglas Spencer und Ross Exo Adams
Di 10.12.2019, 14-18 Uhr, Sem Argentinierstraße 8

Di 17.12.2019, 15-20 Uhr, Sem Argentinierstraße 8


WS 2019/20: PLATFORM URBANISMIn this course, we will interrogate what the emergence of platform urbanism heralds and signifies for contemporary practices of architecture. We will look at how increasingly trending notions such as innovation, disruption, or resilience are gaining value by moving between different discourses (critical theory, arts, economics, etc.) and in the course of this have begun to inform and shape not only emerging architectural styles but the entire economy of spatial production as such.Taught in conjunction with the course “Contemporary Culture” (Prof Mörtenböck), this course will emphasize a practice-oriented approach of research architecture. To this end, we will first identify relevant sites of platform urbanism. Secondly, we will engage with a series of analytical tools from time-space diagrams to performative re-enactments, outcomes of which will be documented and mapped. Thirdly, these investigations will culminate in a joint exhibition at the end of term, aiming to question the often hidden agendas of platform ventures.Depending on students’ preferences this course will be taught in either English or German.