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3 Visuelle Kultur der Stadt | LVA: 264.094

Image: Helge Mooshammer

LVA: 264.094 Visuelle Kultur der Stadt VU 2.0h/2,5ECTS


Tuesday, 8 October 2013, 6-8pm
Tuesday, 29 Oktober 2013, 4-8pm
Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 4-8pm
Tuesday, 3 Dezember 2013, 4-8pm
Tuesday, 17 Dezember 2013, 4-8pm

Location: Seminarraum 2 (Karlsgasse 11)


In contemporary cultural history, radical social changes have long been associated with the creative milieu of cities, from the sequencing of the cultural metropoles of modernity (Paris, Berlin, New York) to charting the rise of new global cities. What is often neglected is how these developments are not merely a matter of city centres, but have far reaching effects well beyond the urban arena.

This term, the course investigates the ways through which the intense urbanisation of the last decades has brought to the fore not only new constellations of cityness (speculative architectures, special zones, slums, etc.) but how the flows of urban resource demands have transformed the world’s ecologies. This ranges from land grab in Africa to tar sand extraction in Alaska and from the theatre of speculative developments to urban villages in China. To tease out future scenarios from these surveys, we will explore how new forms of resource politics can be derived precisely from radical changes in urban life.

Individually or in group projects, four different topics – Conflict Matter, Demiurgic Worlds, Ecological Capital, Resource Cities – will be addressed through textual and visual analyses. Selected works will be included in the international exhibition series World of Matter and will be shown at Hardware Dortmund, Tensta Konsthall Stockholm, CUNY New York and Phi Gallery Montreal.