Visual Culture Unit
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NOTE: Please register for the VISUAL CULTURE MODULE (5 core courses, or all 7 corses) on TISS

If you would like to enrol for a particular course, please do so on TISSYou need to enrol separately for each course in which you would like to take part, both for core subjects and special subjects.
Students registered for the complete Visual Culture module (all 5 core courses) are also requested to enrol for course 264.098 "Modul Visual Culture" on TISS.
When enroling on TISSyou need to login using your TU password and register for the course choosing the menu item tables "Course registration" and/or "Groups".

Students not registered at TU Vienna
Students registered at other universities wishing to take courses at Vienna University of Technology need to request permission from the Registrar’s Office at TU Vienna. More information (in English)

On-site Registration
In exceptional cases you may be unable to register on TISS or TUWEL. If this continues and you have already received permission from the Registrar’s Office, please get in touch with the Institute of Art and Design.